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Trump Tyranny?

The 4th of July brought NPR’s annual reading of the Declaration of Independence and that was followed by the usual social media chatter about tyranny in the Trump White House.

But if one is looking for modern tyranny, look no further than California state government where the Democratic Party’s dominant control of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches makes its officials unaccountable to anyone other than top Democratic Party leaders and funders. Only rarely does the Federal government provide a check upon state government.

People tend to see tyranny only when power opposes them, they do not see it when power favors them. If terminating Obama executive orders is tyrannical, then it must have been tyrannical when Obama put them in place.

In fact, there is little tyranny coming from a Trump administration that has seen legislation stalled and executive orders restrained by courts. Given the recent Supreme Court order on the travel ban, the firing of Sally Yates appears justified (people wrongfully equated that action with Nixon and Watergate when the truer analogy was Truman dismissing General MacArthur). The removal of James Comey took longer than it would have had Hillary won the election.

The news coverage of Trump has been 97% negative by some assessments, that is the opposite of what it would be in a Trump tyranny.

Not accommodating reporters does not impede their right to speak, and some might say in this case most have all along been speaking whatever they want anyway. The scandal at CNN for its Scaramucci coverage is the latest proof that there are problems with motives, veracity, and self-control at major news outlets.

Similarly, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has arrested and speciously charged with felonies some reporters that he and his special interest friends don’t like.

As a non-partisan living in the EU, it is difficult to take Democrats seriously when their discourse and actions are somewhat flippant.

Fear mongering, sarcasm, ridicule, and monotone communications did not keep Trump out of the White House. It’s questionable whether more of those things will remove him.

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